Write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

Swish 1 tablespoon cooking oil in glass measuring cup and then pour into Bosch mixing bowl. As a side benefit this will make it easier to measure the honey and pour it out. As a side benefit using the same measuring cup will result in rinsing all the oil and honey from the cup.

Write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

write a standard recipe card for mash potatoes

Standard Like I said. You just lack the right plants. On my last post about gardening, I talked about how bulbs are so easy.

Now I want to talk about blueberry bushes. We live in the south. This might not apply to everyone. But we have found blueberry bushes to be so easy! They make a great landscaping bush and they give us delicious berries in the summer.

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Plus, the leaves turn a rich red color in the fall. I think the leaves are more beautiful than some of the trees!!! I have found that they usually do fine without spraying for pests. I do usually feed them once a year. I like to buy fertilizer stakes from Home Depot.

You just stick them in the ground by the base and done. Your bush will be slowly fertilized all season. Another great way to fertilize your bush is to spread rabbit droppings around the base. BUT only rabbit droppings! Chicken, cow, horse, human, etc.

All of these need to sit for a year before use. You can trim and shape them a little if need be, but I would only trim them in last fall. You can trim them in the spring, but you lose some of the buds that have already formed. So, more shaping than anything. You can find blueberry bushes at most gardening stores.

Hope this encourages you to go out and start gardening. Growing your own food and flowers can be so much fun.Simple Boursin Mashed Potatoes The number of items in your shopping list has exceeded the maximum limit.

Please remove some items, or create a new shopping list. Here are the things I jotted down on my cooking wish-list whilst (!) I was in the UK: baked cauliflower cheese, a “proper” English Sunday roast (with mash fried potatoes, Yorkshire pudding, creamy horseradish sauce), the “full English” breakfast (authentic = every item must be fried.

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With today’s busy lifestyles there is a growing trend towards eating a more simple breakfast. What does this mean? You are more likely to see young people eating cereal rather than tucking into a more hearty meal of bread, cheese and sausage.

Twice-baked potatoes transform a standard baked potato into a creamy and comforting small meal. The potato skin becomes an edible shell for mildly flavored mashed potatoes, the ultimate comfort food.

For a more substantial meal, keep the potatoes whole instead of halving them/5(6). Author Notes: The tenderness of this focaccia bread comes from one secret ingredient: mashed potatoes. Save a portion of mashed potatoes from your Thanksgiving dinner to make this focaccia bread the next day.

It is delicious eaten on its own but can also be . Mash the potatoes and then mix with the chilli, coriander, spring onion greens, ginger, garlic (if using), lime rind and 1 teaspoon salt. Add the beaten egg to the mixture to bind it.

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