Summer reading project part 1

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Summer reading project part 1

Description[ edit ] The Year Without a Summer was an agricultural disaster.


Post has called this "the last great subsistence crisis in the Western world". The fog reddened and dimmed the sunlight, such that sunspots were visible to the naked eye. Neither wind nor rainfall dispersed the "fog". It has been characterized as a "stratospheric sulfate aerosol veil".

The real problem lay in the weather's effect on crops and thus on the supply of food and firewood. At higher elevations, where farming was problematic in good years, the cooler climate did not quite support agriculture.

In May[1] frost killed off most crops in the higher elevations of MassachusettsNew Hampshireand Vermontas well as upstate New York. Temperatures went below freezing almost every day in May. The ground froze on June 9. On June 12, the Shakers had to replant crops destroyed by the cold. On July 7, it was so cold, everything had stopped growing.

The Berkshire Hills had frost again on August 23, as did much of the upper northeast. Severe frosts occurred every month; June 7th and 8th snow fell, and it was so cold that crops were cut down, even freezing the roots In the early Autumn when corn was in the milk it was so thoroughly frozen that it never ripened and was scarcely worth harvesting.

Breadstuffs were scarce and prices high and the poorer class of people were often in straits for want of food. It must be remembered that the granaries of the great west had not then been opened to us by railroad communication, and people were obliged to rely upon their own resources or upon others in their immediate locality.

Frost was reported as far south as Virginia on August 20 and Thomas Jeffersonretired from the presidency and farming at Monticellosustained crop failures that sent him further into debt.

On September 13, a Virginia newspaper reported that corn crops would be one half to two-thirds short and lamented that "the cold as well as the drought has nipt the buds of hope".

John Banville

It is now the middle of July, and we have not yet had what could properly be called summer. Easterly winds have prevailed for nearly three months past Crop failures were aggravated by an inadequate transportation network: Families in Wales traveled long distances begging for food.

Famine was prevalent in north and southwest Ireland, following the failure of wheatoatand potato harvests. In Germanythe crisis was severe; food prices rose sharply.One S'more Summer (The Campfire Series Book 1) - Kindle edition by Beth Merlin. Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets.

Summer reading project part 1

Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading One S'more Summer (The Campfire Series Book 1). Ever since we posted our study questions for the first seven chapters of The Hunger Games, we’ve had eager teachers begging us for more. Part 1 Voting» This book is my summer project for AP English.

these questions helped a lot for my paper. 16th Aug, at am. Reply. Accelerate Literacy. Achieve Lifelong Success. Achieve ® provides the only patented, cloud-based solutions that deliver daily differentiated instruction for nonfiction reading and writing that are precisely tailored to each student’s Lexile ® reading level..

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Topics: Central Square, Business Improvement District (BID), Formula Business Ordinance and the Central Square Restoration Petition, Envision Cambridge.

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