Slideshow powerpoint ipad mini

After you record, you insert the recording wherever you want in the presentation. Tap and start recording; when you want to stop, tap.

Slideshow powerpoint ipad mini

Share on Facebook Although you cannot upload a PowerPoint presentation directly onto your iPad, it is possible to transfer the slideshow onto the device once you convert it into a supported format. PowerPoint enables users to publish PDF files of their presentations.

Not only can PDF files be stored in iTunes, but they can also be synced onto the iPad and read using the built-in iBooks app.

If you want to keep these effects, you can export a WMV file from your presentation and convert it into an iPad-compatible format with a video converter. Select a storage location and enter a filename. Step 4 Launch iTunes. Step 6 Select the tab for the iPad. ITunes shows a confirmation message when the PDF file has been transferred onto the device.

Step 9 Tap the icon for the "iBooks" app on your iPad screen. The electronic image loads on the screen. Scroll through the slides by swiping the screen with your finger.

This amount of time indicates how long each slide displays before it flips in the video. Step 6 Download and install a video converter. Step 7 Launch the video converter and import your WMV file. Step 8 Execute the file conversion. The video converter displays a confirmation message when the iPad-compatible video is created.

Step 9 Launch iTunes. Step 11 Select the tab for the iPad. Step 15 Tap the listing for the iPad-compatible video and the presentation plays on the device. When you are done viewing, press the Home button to exit the presentation.SlideShark is the one and only app used to reliably view and share PowerPoint on the iPad or iPhone.

Get it for free now. Sep 09,  · The iPad is a good device to view PowerPoint presentations for its big and high resolution screen. As long as iPad has an app supporting the PPT presentation, you manage to enjoy your PPT documents on iPad.

You can't play PowerPoint presentations on iPad directly, but that doesn't mean you can't play PPT on iPad. Here are 5 methods to help you to make iPad PowerPoint presentation.

Add existing video or audio

May 18,  · Playing a PowerPoint presentation on a portable is popular nowadays. You may be an expert in showing a business presentation on a Blackberry and extending an entertaining PPT to an how about iPad?Do you know how to turn a PowerPoint presentation onto an iPad?This post will guide you through.

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Microsoft has not (yet) released Office 20xx for iOS, so the Powerpoint presentation needs to be opened and certified in Apple's Keynote on a OSX Mac.

slideshow powerpoint ipad mini

You can then present on the iPad with Keynote for iOS.

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