Science fiction writing awards

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Science fiction writing awards

Torgersen on June 21, There is a breed of Science Fiction SF story that tries to pay special attention to the rules. Or, if it does play fast and loose, it plays fast and loose in a very specific way, with a very specific aspect of physics, or chemistry, or mathematics, while paying attention to a new set of rules established by the author — rules adhered to throughout the duration of the story.

Analog Science Fiction and Fact. I spent a long time — many years! I am hoping that I can provide some guideposts that will help you along your route.

The idea itself — the technology, or the exploration of a physical phenomenon, or delving into some new aspect of medicine, engineering, astronomy, space launch systems, etc. Second, a good HSF story tends to be a combination of two or three strong elements which compliment each other.

When I was much younger, I tended to wait until an idea popped into my head — a science fiction writing awards, say, or a technical barrier, or a dangerously exotic situation — and off I went. But, combine the dangerous new technology with a jaded engineer who is trying to recover her career and she just happens to be competing against a company where her rotten ex-husband is the project lead.

Place a sympathetic character into a predicament that is a natural consequence of a certain time, period, place, etc. Almost everybody is acquainted with drama in their own lives. What may seem dramatic to you or me, may not seem dramatic to someone else.

Unless you keep the stakes raised to such an extent that anyone placed into that predicament might feel the same pressure, the same anxiety, and so forth.

People love to root for people. Fourth, your character s need to be going somewhere, and the technology, science theory, new idea, etc.

To complicate things, your outward journey — travels in space and time — needs to be complimented by an inner journey. Not that hard, really, if you examine your own life.

Personal growth and change will compliment your character s change of setting, change of location, change of planet, and so forth. Fifth, science and technology are often double-edged swords. Almost nothing is ever an unadulterated boon to mankind. Consider that the same jet airliners which make modern travel so fast and cheap, have also been converted into cruise missiles for murder and destruction.

This may affect how your Good Guys and also your Bad Guys respond to a given scientific or technological development. Just focus on giving the reader a good time. Seventh, never be afraid to tread a well-worn path.

Elizabeth Moon’s Guest of Honor Status

For example, you may or may not be the first one to combine a certain aspect of human behavior with a given piece of technology, in a specific setting.

And the only thing that will help you develop that style and voice, is practice. Lots and lots of practice.

The bulk of which may not produce very good stories. Maybe, not even after a dozen or more tries. Now, for a few personal caveats. Endless polishing is death on productivity, and death on learning.

I never learned anything from spending months or years tinkering with the same piece of work. I can speak from experience: Some kind of hope for a more positive outcome?

Your readers will thank you. Stories that demote humanity to being puny and insignificant, also suck. Humans are crafty and stubborn. We should be reflected as such. Wow, this is how it could really happen! Be it space colonization, or warp drive, or first contact with another intelligent species from somewhere else in the galaxy.

Not predicting the future per se, but illuminating a way that things might develop.SFFMP Writing for Star Wars, Podcasting, Patreon, and if Awards Help with Marketing October 30, SFFpodcast Author Interview, Podcast Our guest for this week’s show is long-time podcaster and slightly less long-time science fiction and fantasy author Mur Lafferty.

One of the premiere authors of science fiction in the s EVER, Ursula K. Le Guin is a legend in the field.

Her collection of works have won four Nebulas, two Hugos, 19 Locus Awards — more than any other writer has ever received from the magazine — and been nominated for the Pulitzer Prize in fiction. A list of the awards listed on the Fantastic Fiction website, and the authors, novels and short stories with the most awards.

The Aurora Award.

science fiction writing awards

The Aurora Awards are Canada's national Science Fiction & Fantasy Awards, as voted on by readers and fans. They are presented at each year's "Canvention." Doug has won the Aurora Award three times for best short fiction by a Canadian writer and has been a finalist nineteen times and in four different categories.

Campbell Conference - "The Posthuman and Science Fiction" - is a wrap! Many special scholar and author guests, including this year's Sturgeon and Campbell Award winners, joined us to celebrate SF in Lawrence, KS, June Kij Johnson and Chris McKitterick taught a speculative-fiction writing Masterclass in Houston, TX, January , Hard Science Fiction, Soft Science Fiction, Apocalyptic Fiction, Cyberpunk, Time Travel, Genetic Modification, Aliens, Super Humans, Interplanetary Travel, and Settlers on the Galactic Frontier, Dystopian, we will put them to the test and choose the best among them.

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