Response to bitzers rhetorical situation essay

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Response to bitzers rhetorical situation essay

If you are going to be successful in public speaking, you have to be sensitive to the situation in which you find yourself.

This is an ancient truth. For thousands of years, wise men and women have taught that effective speech is sensitive speech. You must learn to say the right thing at the right time. In his landmark essay, "The Rhetorical Situation," rhetorical scholar Lloyd Bitzer laid out some of the basic components of the rhetorical situation.

Understanding these things will help you see the kinds of things you should be sensitve to and how your message--in class and in the real world--should be adapted to your situation.

View of Rhetoric For Bitzer, rhetoric isn't just hot air or fancy words; it's action. He defines rhetoric as "A mode of altering reality, not by the direct application of energy to objects, but by the creation of discourse which changes reality through the mediation of thought and action.

It's a place where you learn how to get things done. You have to understand rhetoric in its context; it's meaningless outside of the circumstances that created it.

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Rhetoric is pragmatic; it has practical things to do. It isn't primarily concerned with simply sounding pretty, but with getting things done. Rhetoric is always persuasive. Even when you say you are simply informing an audience, you are still working to alter their reality in some way.

The Rhetorical Situation described To understand rhetoric, therefore, you have to understand some things about the situations that create it. Bitzer define the "rhetorical situation" as "a complex of persons, events, objects, and relations presenting an actual or potential exigence which can be completely or partially removed if discourse, introduced into the situation, can so constrain human decision or action so as to bring about significant modification of the exigence.

Exigence- "an imperfection marked by urgency. An exigence is "rhetorical when it is capable of positive modification and when positive modification requires discourse or can be assisted by discourse.

There is always at least one controlling exigence in a rhetorical situation. Audience- "only those persons who are capable of being influenced by discourse and of being mediators of change.

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Constraints- "persons, events, objects and relations which are parts of the situation because they have the power to constrain decision and action needed to modify the exigence.

Some constraints are originated by the speaker Aristotle called them artistic proofs: Some constraints come from the situation Aristotle called these inartistic proofs, like testimony and other facts.

Characteristics of rhetoric that is sensitive to its situation. Thus not all discourse is rhetorical.

Response to bitzers rhetorical situation essay

One of the components could be missing--no audience, no exigence that can be modified by discourse, no audience that can act. Scientific and poetic discourse are not rhetorical. There can be communication without rhetoric.

The Five Elements of a Rhetorical Situation The paper will conclude by providing a summary of the salient points raised within the study as well as providing suggestions for rhetorical criticism moving forward.
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Jeanette Lehn But in the end he felt that he needed to do a service for the mob of people that had congregated. Orwell wrote this essay 10 or so years after the events that took place in the essay.

You may be wondering what all this has to do with you and this class in pubic speaking. The answer, quite simply, is plenty.


In this class, you'll be learning not just how to get up and talk, but how to do things. For the rest of your life, you will have to do things with words. You'll have to convince someone to hire you. You'll have to console a friend when his spouse dies.

You'll have to persuade your neighbors to do something about conditions in your neighborhood. You'll have to present your ideas clearly so someone will believe them.Mar 21,  · Rhetorical Situation: The rhetorical situation is a natural context of persons, events, objects, relations, and an exigence which strongly invites utterance.

The rhetorical discourse exists as a response to a situation, like an answer exists as a response to a problem.

Criticism of the Ideas and Arguments: LogosProof Based on the Message - PowerPoint PPT Presentation.

Response to bitzers rhetorical situation essay

The presentation will start after a short The situation and the various paths to a soluction. Arguments based Argumentative Essay Outline - Please watch this presentation and find out why students need writing their outlines before. Mustion koulun rhetorical essay dissertation writing schedule for writers college essays chicago essay poem story computer generated essay dissertation solar wind magnetosphere oedipus the king response essay thesis assessor observation report essay the wall Comparing and contrasting essay describe a stressful situation essay.

Start studying rhetorical criticism. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. Components of bitzers rhetorical situation. The perceptions that conditions in a situation call forth a particular kind of rhetorical response (fear appeals) Substantive requirements of genre.

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However, it’s not just about listing ideas in .

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