Murdering mc kinley by eric rauchway essay

University of California, Davis — The University of California, Davis, is a public research university and one of the 10 campuses of the University of California system. It is located in Davis, California, just west of Sacramento, the university has been labeled one of the Public Ivies, a publicly funded university considered to provide a quality of education comparable to those of the Ivy League. The Carnegie Foundation classifies UC Davis as a doctoral research university with a medical program.

Murdering mc kinley by eric rauchway essay

Philips-Fein, Invisible Hands, pp. In colloquia such as this one, consistent and respectful engagement in discussion is the key to your success. To receive high marks for discussion, you must be both a thoughtful commentator and a good listener. This is discussion, not oration; I grade on quality of commentary, not quantity.

She actively and consistently contributes to discussion, but she also knows when to let others speak and responds to their comments with respect. Obviously, if you are not in class Murdering mc kinley by eric rauchway essay cannot show off your mastery of the material and your penetrating analysis of the issues at hand; an unexcused absence will lower your class discussion mark by one third of a letter grade.

Posting substantive and thought-provoking questions to the online discussion board is an important component of your participation grade.

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It also is your opportunity to hone in on issues in the reading that you find particularly interesting and provocative, and for you and your peers to set our agenda for the day. Questions must be posted no later than You can post as early and as often as you like during the week, but you must post at least once prior to the deadline in order to receive credit from me.

The first week of class you will sign up to for a group project that discusses a presidential election contest during the twentieth century and focuses on the primary sources from this election that are available online.

Your task has two parts. The first is to search the web for validated, authoritative sources of information about this electoral contest and assemble a Power Point presentation about the election that features these resources.

Murdering mc kinley by eric rauchway essay

The second is to make a ten-minute, timed presentation of this material to your classmates. I also recommend that each group meet with me during my office hours to discuss resources.

Papers must be footnoted. Refer to the Chicago Manual of Style or another widely-used style manual for guidance on proper documentation.

All papers should be proofread and spell-checked, and pages should be numbered. Electronic submittals must be in Word or PDF format only. These assignments ask you to examine closely and give a page double-spaced written analysis of a primary source, helping you develop one of the key skills of historical research.

Each assignment presents a different kind of textual or visual source and asks you to interrogate its purpose and meaning. Worksheets accompanying each assignment will further outline the questions that each written response should ask and answer.

These papers should be submitted in hard copy in class on October 18, November 1, and November This is a two-page document. On the first page, you will write a prose outline that states your research topic, describes the questions you will explore, and explains the broader relevance of the topic to American political history.

On the second page, you will list primary and secondary sources to be consulted in researching and writing this paper.

It should list at least seven sources in total. You will submit the prospectus, and share your topic with your classmates, on December 6. For your final pp. Your subject can be active in national politics, Washington State politics, or local politics.

You should use this story as a window to analyze broader trends in twentieth century political history. The essay should use both primary and secondary source materials, and you are strongly encouraged to take advantage of UW library collections related to local and state politics as well as our Government Document stacks.

The paper should be submitted no later than 5: As informed, voting-age adults, you likely have well-formed political opinions and identify as a Democrat, Republican, a member of a third party, or an independent. There are places to express these positions; this classroom is not one of them.

Informed debates based on the readings are encouraged; partisan editorial commentary is not, and will adversely affect your participation grade. We meet only nine times as a class. It thus is critical that you make a point to attend every class session. Scheduled absences due to prior university obligations or very significant family events should be discussed with me as early in the term as possible.

Please keep in mind that, even if an absence is excused, your missing class makes increases the difficulty in earning a high participation grade. For assignments, your grade on an assignment will be reduced by 0. The seminar format depends on face-to-face dialogue and a singular focus on the topic at hand.

Thus, laptops, netbooks, iPads, or other devices for electronic reading and note-taking are not allowed in the classroom. I have a number of handouts available here. Please read and refer to these as needed.Essay about Murdering McKinley by Eric Rauchway Eric Rauchway’s Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America is an examination of the events, social conditions and dramatic political changes taking place in America immediately prior to and during the birth of the 20th century that led to the assassination of William.

Historian Eric Rauchway’s Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America was clearly shaped by the author’s understanding of the post-September 11 world. The book Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America by Eric Rauchway provides a well constructed and heavily detailed analysis of the details and motives behind the assassination of William McKinley, as well as the lasting affects that it imposed on America.

Eric Rauchway (born or ) is an American historian and professor at the University of California, Davis. He received his B.A.

Murdering mc kinley by eric rauchway essay

from Cornell in , and his Ph.D. from Stanford in Rauchway's scholarship focuses on modern US political, social and economic history, particularly the Progressive Era and the New Deal.

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The book Murdering McKinley by Eric Rauchway shows how McKinley’s death had an impact on our society and politics in the 19th century. William McKinley was the 25th president of the United States and was elected in /5(1).

Eric Rauchway’s Murdering McKinley: The Making of Theodore Roosevelt’s America is an examination of the events, social conditions and dramatic political changes taking place in America immediately prior to and during the birth of the 20th century that led to the .

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