How cell phones are dangerous

Should you be concerned?

How cell phones are dangerous

How cell phones are dangerous

The issue is not really quite as straightforward as you may think. The effects of radiation on people vary depending on factors such as age, body type and state of health.

Radiofrequency radiation produces both thermal and non-thermal effects in biological systems.

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The thermal effect is indicated as a rise in temperature of the irradiated system and is accompanied by physiological responses depending on the intensity and duration of the radiation.

Non-thermal effects show as changes in cellular metabolism caused by both resonance absorption and induced electromagnetic fields and, when neural structures are involved, are often accompanied by a specific behavioral response.

It is these non-thermal effects that can be produced even by low radiation cell phones that still necessitate precautionary measures. These limits were set up to protect against high-dose thermal effects, allowing for a fold higher exposure to the head 1.

However, FCC, the industry, and the scientific academia all recognize significant precision problems with SAR measurements.

How cell phones are dangerous

Studies have shown that it is difficult to generalize between the SAR induced in two given heads, for people of different ages or body types. Additionally, two modeling studies carried out in Japan demonstrated that when short subjects are exposed to high-power cell phone radiation the whole body SAR can be substantially higher than the current standard.

In fact, the EPA scientist in charge of editing the report, D. Cahill, published a peer-reviewed paper where he indicated that SAR of 0. This conclusion is supported by a growing body of studies from researchers world-wide that observe biological effects of cell phone radiation at SAR values significantly below the limits adopted by FCC.

Thus, the existing FCC cell phone standard may well be insufficient for protecting human health from potential effects of life-long use, especially for susceptible populations such as young children.

The current SAR standard may pose especial risk to the health of children. These factors result in higher SAR exposure for young children.

Similar results have been reported by the University of Utah researchers in and by the researchers from the Nagoya Institute of Technology Japan in Due to higher absorption of radiation, when a child uses a high-emitting cell phone, he or she could easily get an exposure over the current FCC limit.

As you can see, opting for low radiation cell phones may or may not necessarily reduce any potential consequences from exposure.

Plus, it has been determined that a low-SAR phone is less efficient at getting their signal to reach the base station, thus working at a higher rate and emitting a higher total SAR than a phone with a higher SAR rating.

The issue is not so much the SAR level but rather the non-thermal radiation that cell phones, regardless of SAR rating, emit. Studies have shown that these non-thermal effects can include immune system damage, cellular malfunction, breakage in DNA strands, and other serious effects.

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