First week at college

First Week First Week Orientation for new students takes place in the week before classes begin each semester, and is absolutely key to making a really smooth and successful start at Columbia College. Student Volunteers from dozens of countries will meet you on the first day of Orientation and will be by your side through the week to give you advice on making a great start at the College, and on where you need to be throughout the week!

First week at college

What a week of changes. Leaving the comfort of my hometown and state!

First week at college

So to start off I packed up my stuff, got on the plane, and soon found myself in my dorm room in Portland, Oregon. We had to buy all the stuff for my room, since I basically only packed clothes and a few random items. After spending way to much I had to move it all into my dorm room.

How to Make the Most of Your First Week at College • Sara Laughed

Then a weekend full of orientation was followed and consisted of being told all the rules and scrambling to find someone to eat food with. To say the least it was busy, hectic, overwhelming, and exhausting. Luckily the school had a few fun activities planned, like soccer games and a social.

At the end of the weekend my mom left to go back home and I was officially without any family or friends from home. This past week has been exhausting, overwhelming, and full of meeting TONS of new people. I am still slightly overwhelmed, getting settled on my feet here, and missing my friends back home but luckily most people are in the same boat as me.

It was super exciting to meet all my professors and see if I knew someone in any of my classes. Also not to mention learning how to use the cafeteria and figure out what food tasted good. Even though this was a stressful, hectic week it was exciting because I was welcomed to the school by everyone and got to begin the next chapter of my life I had been counting down the days till.

Sorry this post is so short, but it has been a crazy week of adjustments, but let me know if you guys want more college update posts or a dorm tour!ACC football's first week of football is highlighted by three neutral site games, including the conference's first game in Ireland between Georgia Tech and Boston College in the Aer Lingus College.

How to Deal With Your First Week of College: 10 Steps

You might feel overwhelmed at first at the amount of people that you meet your first week (and beyond) of college. FYI, this is the one time in your life when it’s not considered weird or creepy to let your walls down and talk to random people you meet everywhere you go: in your hall, classes, on the bus, in line at the coffee shop, and.

First-Generation Students’ First Week of College: Strategies for Student Success August 17, by Priscilla Childress Though it is hard to believe that the first week of college is quickly approaching, first-generation students will soon have their first collegiate experience.

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So what can we take from the first week of college football? Well, not much. The marquee matchup of Auburn and Washington didn't disappoint.

Both teams could still make the playoffs and I wouldn't be surprised and it also wouldn't surprise me if both teams finished third in their respective conferences.

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