Essay questions about feudalism

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Essay questions about feudalism

Essay questions about feudalism

Order now During the medieval times, feudalism was the institution that characterized the political and economic landscape of Europe. What began as a contract between a lord and vassal eventually became the means for social organization in Europe.

This was because cows were the determinants of wealth for the early Germans Nelson, In the medieval era, land was the most valuable.

Essay questions about feudalism

This relationship between the lord and the vassal has political implications; the most crucial political characteristic of which was the localization of power and authority.

The localization of power was a result of the Civil wars and the many invasions that occurred in Europe Alexander, The invasions of the Magyars and the Vikings were instrumental in making the issue of defense a local concern Alexander, This situation provided the opportunity for landowners to gain civil and military powers Nelson, Due to the attacks, the feudal lords felt the need to hire men to protect their lands, while the people supported the landowners who could offer them protection.

Hence, all government power was transferred to the local level, giving the landowners the most authority. Feudalism also dictated the economic atmosphere. Since the the feudal lords already had political authority, it followed that they had economic power as well.

Through the fiefs they had given to their vassals, the landowners began influencing the areas within their territories. The people were also asked to be economical in their fuel consumption Nelson, Moreover, for every resource the villagers use, the lord must be paid Nelson, This includes taking wood and hunting for animals.

The villagers also had to pay for the use of these structures. Nonetheless, the lords did not keep all income gained from these endeavors.

They also shared it as non-land fiefs; examples of which include profits from the mills or fishing rights in streams Nelson, This was the payment given to the lord for taking a vassal Nelson, In conclusion, feudalism was marked by two characteristics. On one hand, it was characterized by the localization of power.

On the other hand, the economy was dominated by the lords.Feudal Europe Essay Questions. Free Printable Sheet of Short-answer Essay Questions for World History - European Middle Ages: Answer each of the following questions using complete sentences.


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What role did the Roman Catholic Church play in European politics during the Middle Ages? 2. Explain the relationship between a lord and vassal. Essay about society and individual feudalism. Posted on October 29, by. Bank and financial essay topics important the narrative essay structure best friend (learning in school essay ka) family ties essay bloopers example of introduction research paper volcano good example of opinion essay .

Feudalism in Medieval Europe Essays

Feudalism was a system in which the King gave land and resources to nobility, knights, and vassals as long as they agreed to give their rightful service and resources Documents Similar To CWC Essay Questions-Unit 2.

Skip carousel. carousel previous carousel next. JUSTICE: HUMAN AND CHRISTIAN VIRTUE. uploaded by. . How did feudalism affect wealth distribution?

The king and lords had plenty of money, while the serfs (people who worked on manors) were poor (no middle class) We will write a custom essay sample on.

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