Diku master thesis abstract

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Diku master thesis abstract

Master's Thesis Defense by Nicolae Mariuta Title Detecting and modelling Ferritin and vessel boundaries in EM images Abstract This thesis focuses on detecting and measuring the intensity function of the ferritin molecules that are located in blood vessels from the brain.

The main topics that are discussed are: For noise ltering, I show that the detection of ferritin molecules is slightly improved by using Median or Wiener lters for reducing the grainy noise produced by the TEM images.

I demonstrate that Blob Detection using Laplacian of Gaussian and Template Matching with Squared Difference are effective in highlighting the ferritin molecules. Using these transformations together with Mahalanobi Distance Classifier, I obtained 0. By focusing the detection on the interior of blood vessels and removing the small connected components that are detected, the ferritin molecules are ef ciently identi ed in all images from the dataset.

The dependency between the location of ferritin molecules within the blood vessels and their density function is important to calculate, so automatic boundary detection could be useful for the study.

I try to use the parameters provided from computing Gradient Magnitude and Hessian Matrix but the accuracy of detection was too low.

I built detection models based on pixel classi cation with SVM Support Vector Machine using different types of input data but the accuracy of predictions was too low to obtain automatic boundary detection.

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As a result, I had to annotate the boundaries of the blood vessel. Finally, for analyzing the distribution of ferritin molecules, I select to compute inhomo- geneous K function, L function and pair correlation function.

diku master thesis abstract

Each of these measurements prove graphically that there is clustering within the ferritin molecules in the blood vessels.Preface This is a thesis for the degree of leslutinsduphoenix.com, or Master of Science, at the UniversityofCopenhagen,DepartmentofComputerScience. Prior to writing this text, I .

Abstract This thesis focuses on detecting and measuring the intensity function of the ferritin molecules that are located in blood vessels from the brain.

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For this purpose, I analyzed a set of 10 images obtained using TEM(Transmission Electron Microscope). Abstract. Many real-world distributed systems rely on trading high throughput over high consistency.

diku master thesis abstract

In this thesis, we have chosen to work on real-world Warehouse Management System (WMS) that is under the risk of consistency failures. The WMS application is .

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Abstract. Abstract This thesis attempts to solve the configuration and reconfiguration difficulties encountered inutility computing, by allowing problem instances to be submitted as running nomadic operating systems.

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Awarded master thesis students. Claus R. Gareissen () Best master thesis in computer science, Dansk Selskab for Datalogi (Danish Society of Computer Science) Algorithmics and Optimization Seminar at DIKU.

DORS the Danish OR Society. AGIFORS Airline Group of INFORMS.

Master's Thesis Defense by Disha Singh – Københavns Universitet